Unique Washington, D.C. Tours

Unique Washington, D.C. ToursWith its undeniably rich history, there seems to be an incredible story at every turn when you venture out in the nation's Capital city. Sometimes, the immense weight of all this history can seem a little overwhelming. To lighten the load and cast a new light on the stories of the people we have heard about since our school days, taking a specialized tour is a great way to get closer to everything that came before. The stories are here in DC, just waiting for you to discover them on any of these great tours.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Everyone has heard of George Washington, our first President, but how many people can actually say that they knew what he was like? You can be one of those who have gotten a look at some of George's personal life when you tour the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. The man is memorialized quite fittingly with the impressive statue that greets you when you arrive at this story-filled building. This lodge replicates what the lodge looked like back in Washington's time here in the appropriately named Replica Room. There are several exhibits that reveal little-known facts about the man's career, life and legacy. Also, don't miss the ninth-floor observatory that gives you a chance to take in a truly amazing panoramic view of the city.

Address: 101 Callahan Dr, Alexandria, VA 22301 - MAP
Phone: (703) 683-2007
Web: www.gwmemorial.org

Ford Theatre
Undoubtedly, one of history's most unnerving moments was when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated as he sat in the Ford's Theatre. When you tour this venue, you'll be immediately struck by how meticulously the theater has been recreated to look exactly like it did the night that Lincoln lost his life. The chilling moment resonates loudly when you proceed on the tour to see the actual clothes that the President was wearing on that fateful evening. And, despite acknowledging that this was where President met his end, his life and legacy are celebrated through the various exhibits that line the way on this fascinating trip back to the events of a night that still echoes quite poignantly.

Address: 511 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004 - MAP
Phone: (202) 426-6924
Web: www.fords.org

Spirit of Washington Cruises
When you've walked through some of Washington, DC's most famous historical places, what is there left to do? Take a cruise and enjoy the view! That's exactly what you can do when you experience the Spirit of Washington Cruises. Cruise on the Potomac River and not only enjoy live entertainment and dancing, but have the luxury of taking in the city's incredible scenery from a completely different vantage point. Some of the many highlights on the cruise include the Washington Monument, Fort McNair, Jones Point Light House, and Old Town Alexandria. While the night cruises are nothing less than spectacular, there are day trips available as well. Reservations are highly recommended.

Address: Water St, 6th and Water St, SW, Washington, DC 20024 - MAP
Phone: (202) 554-8000
Web: www.spiritcruises.com

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Want to know where all the money comes from? Then get set to find out on one of Washington, DC's most popular tours when you visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Some of the exhibits include bills that are no longer in circulation, counterfeit money and a staggering $100,000 bill, along with a presentation of how money is produced and printed. In keeping with fiscal responsibility, the tour is actually free but during peak summer months, admission tickets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Address: 301 14th St SW, United States Treasury Dept, Washington, DC 20228 - MAP
Phone: (202) 874-2330
Web: www.moneyfactory.gov

Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center
Considering how much history there is in Washington and its surrounding areas, taking a walking tour will get you even closer to these venues and help you gain an even deeper insight to the lives of the people that shaped history. The Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center schedules various informative and detailed guided walking tours of historic Fairfax. Some of the highlights along the way include a handful of the city's oldest structures like the Gunnell House that dates back to 1830, the Old Fairfax Jail that originated back in 1891 and the Moore House that was originally constructed in 1840.

Address: 10209 Main St, Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center, Fairfax, VA - MAP
Phone: (703) 385-8414
Web: www.fairfaxva.gov

A Tour De Force: Guided Tours of Washington
Walking tours would be great if weren't for all that walking. Luckily, there's A Tour De Force: Guided Tours of Washington to the rescue! See some of the city's most popular sites like the White House, the US Capitol and the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials, all from the comfort of a segway cycle. You'll be supplied with a helmet and segway scooter as well as all the information you need to truly absorb and appreciate the incredible sites that make Washington such a vital place in so many ways. And, you'll see it all without tiring out your feet!

Address: 624 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 - MAP
Phone: (202) 626-0017
Web: www.atourdeforce.com